July 7, 2011


Please call the Pro Shop at (208)-745-6492 for more details.

April 29 (Weather Permitting)Mens/Ladies Opening Tournament
May 6Spring Two Man Best Ball
May 27Stones Town & Country Two Person Best Ball
June 10Two Lady Best Ball
June 16-17The Stockholder Invitational (Formerly Member-Guest)
July 4Annual 4th of July Mens-Ladies Flag Tournament
July 17-18IGA District Jr. Golf
July 21Northwind Company Tournament
July 21Super T Transport Tournament
August 12Muddy's Tournament (Invitation)
August 20Solar Eclipse Tournament
August 26-27Ladies Closing Club Championship
August 28Cattlemen's Tournament (Invitation)
September 9-10Men's Closing Club Championship
September 11Pro-Am Tournament
September 16Sheppherds Inn Tournament (Invitation)
September 23Annual 6-6-6 Challenge
October 7Men-Women Fall Closer